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The Basics


Quick answers to the most common questions.

When is Sunday service?

Sunday morning worship and study is at 10:15am. See our Services page for information about our other services.

Where is the church?

We are located at 1001 Monarch St. Suite B50 in Lexington, Kentucky. Get a map and directions on our Location page.

What is worship like?

We spend about 25 minutes in worship, singing a combination of modern worship songs and classic hymns. Our small worship band includes guitar, cello, and percussion.

What is the teaching like?

We spend between 45 minutes to an hour, expositorily studying the Word of God verse-by-verse. Our pace through a book varies from a verse or 2 at a time to an entire chapter. You can listen to earlier teaching on our Sermons page.

How should I dress?

Come as casually or as formally as you like. We only ask that you demonstrate respect for the Lord and for others in your choice of attire.

What about the kids?

We provide nursery during the entire service for newborns through 3 years old. Children's classes begin after worship for ages 4-6 and 7-9. Kids 10 and older stay in service with the adults.

Core Convictions
Biblical Exposition

Biblical Exposition

We prioritize the inductive study of the Bible through consecutive exposition using solid exegetical principles.

Christ-centered Worship

Christ-centered Worship

We show love, admiration, and adoration for God through various expressions of worship because of what He has done for us through His son's death and resurrection.

God's Love and Grace

God's Love and Grace

We recognize the essential nature of God's love and grace in our salvation and in our daily Christian life.